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Paul Heyman + hisĀ sugar babys cilents

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Anonymous: one of us, afro asskicker and keet pls! (xavier gifs)

Here you go anon!


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oliga-sorochaykaina46ej: Hi, I am Paul. I am a game programmer at SICO. Can you make me a favour and test one new game called Stormfall? It is the best new online game coming soon. Be one of the first one to see it, at MY BLOG you can do that. Let my know how was it I am exited!!! Cheers :d

You’re tearing me apart, Paul.

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rothkeahi: I love your name, because female royal dwarf was my favorite path in DA:O. ^^


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Anonymous: can you post the xavier woods gifs without the words on them please?

Which ones would you like me post dear anon?

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